Wonderlens presents: Aquarium of the Aliens


 Step through the Wonderlens!

Wonderlens isn’t a single story or a movie. Each DVD is a journey to a new world! No matter your age, as long as you have an adventurous spirit and an imaginative mind, Wonderlens welcomes you!


 For children, parents and teachers, let Wonderlens be a launch pad for creativity! What a great way to experience new sights, sounds and fantastic new creatures in a way that encourages creative play rather than violence.

The Child’s Guided Tour on DVD is like an animated picture book, full of fun rhymes, treacherous tongue twisters and wonderful animated characters!

Wonderlens also offers all the fun of a trip to the zoo or aquarium, but without the hassle, the long lines and the travel time. You’ll discover dozens of mysterious and whimsical creatures you won’t see anywhere else and they’re always ready to meet you!

We’ve even included, on the DVD, an animation track with no narration, so you can do the storytelling or let your little ones make up adventures of their own. For more fun ideas visit: http://www.wonderlens.com/Misc/Have_Fun_1.htm


If you’ve ever wanted an exotic pet, Wonderlens has dozens to choose from! Your robot tourguide can tell you all about each one. She’ll even help you feed them! You can use the Chapters bonus feature on the DVD to go straight to see your favorites. Wonderlens even has alien pets you can adopt from the website at http://www.wonderlens.com/Adopt_LS.htm


Ever wish you could travel to distant worlds and meet strange new life forms? You can, by going through the Wonderlens! Let your tv or computer become your portal to the strangest sights beyond this solar system. You can wander through wormholes, encounter telepathic tourists, even dine on fine offworld cuisine, without ever leaving your current coordinates.

Just pop in the DVD and your Wonderlens is activated. You don’t need to transfer, store or install anything and you don’t have to worry about viruses. Wonderlens is a portable, self-contained world  - a window – a mini vacation, wherever you are.

 Running Length: aprox. 132 minutes total

 Encoding: All Regions

 Format: Color, Animated, Full Screen, CGI

 Rated: Unrated (suitable for all ages – honest!)

 Studio: Wonderlens

 DVD Features:

*Guided Tour: Children

    23 animated shorts for kids with fun rhymes and music. Check out http://www.wonderlens.com/Misc/Have_Fun_1.htm  for parents & kids! Lots of great ideas for games, activities and crafts based on the Wonderlens DVD. 

 *Guided Tour: Adults

    23 animated alien shorts with narration and music. Like a trip to another planet without the hassle of space travel! Take a mini vacation without leaving home.

*General Admission:

    Looping track of animated alien aquarium with music (an exotic virtual aquarium and   a great backdrop for parties!)

* Feed the Aliens:

   Choose an alien and Poly will offer a snack…or try to!

*Castellar Café:

   Try some animated alien foods. Your table is waiting and your meal is on the house!

*Besmou Birthday Party:

   It’s an alien birthday party, just for you! Open your gifts and see what’s inside!


   A catalogue of aliens with pictures and descriptions


   Go straight to see your favorite alien

*Alien Arts, Crafts & Artifacts:

   Print out your official Wonderlens License, a Luna Sleeper Mask, Alien Wristbands  and Bracelets, Scrapbook Characters

 DVD Description:

Step through the Wonderlens into new, animated worlds! Your adventure starts at the Aquarium of the Aliens, full of the galaxy’s strangest creatures…alien tourists! Poly, your personal robot, will take you on a guided tour. Most of the aliens here are friendly visitors, but keep your eyes open. Poly will tell you why we avoid the mysterious Brain Jumpers, warn you when to duck when you meet a Glow Spitter and even reveal why those “little grey men” keep visiting Earth! The adventure continues with Bonus Attractions on DVD and the wonderlens.com website, featuring games, activities, free prizes and more!

 Cast & Crew:

Brought to you by the Emmy Award-winning animation team of Joe Clasen and Susan Ishida, who’ve helped bring to the screen Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Casper: a Spirited Beginning, The Silver Surfer, Addams Family Reunion, Santa vs the Snowman 3D IMAX